I am Dutch. I come from Rotterdam but I want to start this site in English, so everybody can read about it.

Several years ago I started to study in a wiccagroup on the right hand path: greencraftwicca in the caros logos, back then also called caros wicca. I maried this asshole from the same logos: Sjoerd Coene, magical name: Tauloc. He started to mistreat me, he kept himself busy with how to make me as unhappy as possible. At some point he kidnapped me with a lot of physical violence to a place where I really did not want to be in order to stop me from studying further. I was pregnant back then as he kicked the child out of my body and I had a miscarryage, having to hear after that that I made the bed filthy as he did not allow me to go to the hospitle. Mutch later on I cod get a house in Rotterdam, something my father did for me and I needed half of my family to get him out of my house so I cod finally get a divorce. After he was gone I got into contact with that same Wiccagroup, I intended to study on. Without giving me a chance to explain what happened highpriestess Hera told me that I was no longer welcome. Until today they won’t return any of my emails that I send to them: http://www.greencraftwicca.com and on youtube I saw a videorecording where I saw that my ex huspand was accepted as a student. I thought Wicca was matriarchalistic, but what they do cannot be more patriarchalistic. I thought allways the woman was above the man, this story proves that that is not so. Greencraftwicca is a discusting school.

I now got several groups on the left hand path especially against the mistreatment of woman (and also of man) and for those who have been treated really unfair and need revenge. Men should never forgive such wrongs as I write about.

I made a study too in Wicca which starts on the right hand path, but later on in the second year man is also introduced in the left hand path. This is because when I started to write the course I was not aware they toke in my ex husband as a student yet, so I had no reasons to turn myself against the right hand path yet. It costs 365 euro’s per year, the study is written in Dutch and not even finished yet. Nevertheless man can allready start studying if man wishes without having to be afraid to be treated as unfair as I mentioned.

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